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Used to treat:
· Lips
· Nasolabial Folds
· Scars


What is Radiesse?
Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite. It has the identical molecular structure as human bone and it is made from sea coral. This material has been used by oral surgeons for years to build up the jaw bone and other areas of the facial skeleton. The concern was that if it were placed in tissue that it would form bone. After years of experimentation, we now know that this is not the case. Instead, the body forms scar tissue around it, protecting it and delaying its absorption. When Radiance was first introduced, the desire and hope was that it would last from 5-7 years since this was the length of time that it was found to last in the bladder where it was initially used for incontinence. However, the added vasculature of the face and constant movement of the facial muscles has caused the company to modify its estimate for the duration of the effect and we now think that Radiance can last anywhere from 1 year to 3-4 years. Once again, because of the variability of each human’s response to an injectable substance it can last less than 6 months and it can last a lot longer then 2-3 years.

Where is Radiesse effective?

Radiesse is most effective in building up depressions and hollows. It is not as effective for fine lines, for example radiating out from the lips, because of the tendency for the material to cause a reaction and swelling that may last for up to one month. However, it is excellent for plumping up the lips and the marionette lines at the corners of the mouth. It is also effective in the cheek fold area. When a patient has atrophy for any reason (such as AIDS) then it is effective in plumping out the hollow associated with this problem.

Is it painful?
Radiesse is injected into all areas of the face, except for the lips. They have discovered that it is quite tolerable. However, when it is injected into the lips to plump them out, it is best to have a nerve block similar to what is done at the dentist to make it less painful.


Are there any problems or complications associated with Radiesse?

About 10% of the time injectable Radiesse can form small nodules. This is particularly true when the lips are being plumped. As a result, it is best to inject small amounts and to build the lips up slowly over a period of time rather than trying to affect a 100% correction with one injection. Despite the best efforts, about 10% of Radiesse patients will form nodules which can be treated with a small amount of steroid injections and in some instances these can be easily extracted.



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