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Exoderm Lift


Exoderm lift and a facelift:
Frequently patients will have a combination of problems from a turkey waddle deformity to age spots and wrinkles. This is the perfect candidate who will require a staged procedure. The first is a facelift to lift the face and the skin of the face. The second, approximately 4-6 weeks after the first, is an Exoderm lift that addresses the fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and uneven texture of the face. The reason the Exoderm lift is done second is that it stops just under the jaw line. If it is done first, when the skin is elevated, the junction of the Exoderm lift and neck skin will become apparent. However, by doing it second, you get an added boost and a much better result.

What is an Exoderm lift?

An Exoderm lift is a deep chemical peel that changes not only the superficial effects of sun damage to include fine wrinkles, spots, superficial keratosis, and also it gently tightens the facial skin to improve the jaw line.


How does the Exoderm lift differ from the Baker Phenol chemical peel?
The Exoderm lift uses the basic Phenol as its peeling agent. However, Dr. Finsey in Israel modified the formula to allow a more predictable response when the skin is treated. With his formula the amount of redness and the duration of its effect are reduced to about one month when compared to several months with the Baker peel. In addition, the incidence of scarring and bleaching of the skin has been markedly reduced to a more tolerable and acceptable level.


How long does it take?

The actual Exoderm lift surgical procedure takes about one hour and the day following the procedure, the tape mask is removed and then a powder is applied that mixes with the weeping skin – much as one would see from a CO2 laser resurfacing – that then forms a mask. This stays on the skin for 8th day and then on the 8th day using Vaseline, the mask is removed to reveal a new pink, tender skin.

It is imperative that during this immediate postoperative period that the patient avoids sun and in fact, one should avoid the sun at all costs forever by using sunscreen. To me, a chemical peel or Exoderm lift is the icing on the cake. It is the one procedure that removes those annoying fine lines and restores the skin to a much more smooth and youthful texture.


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